The Aspen Forum for Community Solutions is pleased to invite you to the Opportunity Youth Forum (OYF) Digital Learning Series 2021: The Power of Place. Over this summer, our learning sessions will look at key systems that touch opportunity youth, including: (i) re-engagement, (ii) postsecondary, and (iii) the workforce, with the structural racism and place-based lens, while lifting up strategies, practices, and tools from across the OYF network and partners. Furthermore, we will have additional learning sessions focusing on healing, juvenile justice, and other key systems.

Session Overview

Date/Time: September 29, 1:00pm - 5:00pm EDT

Title: The Power of Place: Addressing Structural Racism in the Workforce and Economy

Overview: The next session in the Power of Place series will focus on structural racism in the world of work. The event will highlight solutions and interventions that workforce systems, communities, young people, employers and training providers are implementing to improve career outcomes for students of color and foster meaning, purpose and belonging among young workers. 

Session Goals: 

  1. Highlight the practices of workforce systems in the OYF network and elsewhere that advance racial equity
  2. Feature stories from the OYF network on how to advance employer practices that promote belonging and job quality for young people of color, and connect these to the current opportunity in the business community for advancing a racial equity agenda. 
  3. Tell stories of innovation that connect career development with other systems and sectors including mental health and community safety and public benefit

Accessing Previous Learning Series Events

Access to sessions from previous Power of Place events is available and open to all. For more information on the Power of Place learning series, visit the series information tab on this website.